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Sales Agent

About Nate

Operating as a sales agent since he was 20 years old and leaving school to enter the workforce at 16 years old. For the last 8 years, he’s been no stranger to working long hours 7 days a week.

After moving around a lot as a kid, Nate established his roots around Ipswich & Brisbane where he met most of the friends he has to this day.

Hailing from a Samoan / Australian background his values are family, respecting his peers and working hard. Nate’s parents both come from modest blue-collar, working-class careers.

Being the oldest of nine children, Nate has the self-appointed responsibility to set an example for his younger siblings. Showing them that you can achieve your goals through hard work and tenacity all while helping people and having fun along the way.

Nate truly goes the extra mile for his clients. His sellers have commended his commitment and expert level of service. Constantly striving to become the best version of himself, Nate has a strong belief that you can never stop learning and improving.

A calming but excited approach is an underrated skill to have when selling your number one asset. This is one of Nate’s biggest strengths. Young, Hungry and eager to create a remarkable reputation within the industry, these are the qualities that will guarantee you the best customer experience.

In his spare time, you will find him with his family, enjoying different foods, delving into a philosophical tangent, and (or) simply having a good laugh with friends.