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About Jeremy

Jeremy was born in New Caledonia and touched down in Australia with mum and dad at the age of 3 weeks old. Being the first one in his family tree to grow up outside of French territory, he was only surrounded by the French language until 4 years old, when it was time to go to preschool.

This is where Jeremy was first forced to develop resilience and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, being only 4 and surrounded by a language that he didn’t yet understand. He slowly but surely developed his English vocabulary, realising that the discomfort of facing new challenges was actually not that bad.

This was a major life lesson that was learnt early on and that translated into all aspects of his life, such as starting his own business in the fitness industry at age 20, which he successfully ran for 3.5 years with multiple staff members in his team.

After developing a keen passion for property investing and the business side of real estate, Jeremy chose to become a sales associate to a top Inner-West Brisbane real estate agent, where he was involved in more than $200m worth of real estate transactions, with many of them being in the $2m to $3m price point, and a handful over the $3m level.

Now an independent agent with STRUD, Jeremy brings this multi-million dollar level of experience and service to the Eastern Lockyer Valley market, a market he loves given his country lifestyle, and a market that he brings fresh energy into, with his high-quality marketing campaigns and passionate negotiation strategies.

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