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Lead Agent

About Louisa

After transitioning from a career in Personal Training to Real Estate in 2021, Louisa discovered her lifelong passion at STRUD Property.

Louisa excels in delivering dependable, high-quality customer service to the esteemed clientele of STRUD Property. Her adaptability and expertise in personal development, team collaboration, and issue resolution with customers, tenants, and industry professionals are commendable. She listens attentively to client needs and preferences, ensuring that every interaction is personalised and tailored to their specific requirements.

Since embarking on her real estate career, Louisa has facilitated transactions totalling $55 million in her first year, earning recognition as one of ‘Brisbane’s Best Rookie, Up-and-Coming Real Estate Agents’ by the Courier Mail.

Louisa’s professional demeanour, coupled with her passion, trustworthiness, genuineness, confidence, and diligent work ethic, consistently place her ahead in the competitive real estate field.

Prior to her venture into real estate, Louisa cultivated a fondness for fitness, dedicating two years post-graduation to personal training. Guiding clients towards their aspirations—whether fitness-related or in the realm of real estate—is a niche she passionately pursues.

During her leisure time, Louisa enjoys moments with loved ones, engages in sports like touch football, walks with her sausage dog, and indulges in her love for horse riding.

In her role at STRUD Property, Louisa consistently demonstrates her adeptness in conveying complex information clearly and concisely to clients. Whether discussing property details, negotiating terms, or addressing a situation, she ensures that clients are well-informed and confident in their decisions.