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About Julz

Julie-Anne Loomes, also known as Julz, has seamlessly integrated into Jordan Strudwick’s team as Co Agent to Jordan Strudwick.

With an extensive administrative background spanning over a decade across various industries, Julz brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her experience in both rental and sales within the real estate sector enhances her understanding of our business dynamics.

Julz is renowned for her exceptional organizational skills, unwavering diligence, and approachable demeanor. Her ability to foster robust relationships with both internal and external clients is a testament to her strong interpersonal skills.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Julz finds joy in her role as a spouse and a parent to two young children. She cherishes quality time with her family and friends, takes pleasure in adventuring out with the family.

Julz is a firm believer of the importance of her administration experience in driving growth and success. Her presence in Jordan’s team amplifies our commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of our operations. Julz is looking forward to a flourishing career in real estate as she learns more about the other aspects of selling real estate for Jordan’s clients.

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