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About Corey

I’m Corey Martin from STRUD Property, a lead sales agent specialising in selling modern homes across Ripley Valley and the surrounding Ipswich areas.

I’ve been in real estate since 2018 and have been fortunate enough to be selling under the STRUD name since 2022. Before my life as an agent, I was an electrician for seven years, working in the industrial sector.

I’ve personally bought and sold properties in and around the Ripley Valley and Ipswich areas and understand the importance that buying and selling presents.

As an agent, I help homeowners, buyers and investors looking to upgrade, downsize or jump into the market for the first time!

What sets me apart from other agents is that I don’t list your property for sale. I elevate your property’s selling potential through a customised approach. That approach blends market education with accurate pricing, attractive marketing, and perfect presentation.

My commitment to you extends beyond just listing your property; I engage buyers strategically and create relationships through my level of service, which ultimately helps me negotiate a better price.

I’ve been in the industry for over six years and have a solid reputation within my marketplace. This includes maintaining my status as the number 1 agent in Ripley for the last five consecutive years and a top 10 agent across the greater Ipswich region over the previous 12 months.

This helps you because I have a profound understanding of the market dynamics and buyer psychology, which I utilise to move the sale of the property to a result.

After six years, I still absolutely love what I do; I love helping my clients and enjoy the process and variety of what real estate brings. Engaging in my services will position your property for a successful sale.

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